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About Us


  Establishing Hawkeye Custom Fishing Rods, has been a life long dream of mine. I have enjoyed fishing my entire life. As a child I went fishing with my father & grandfather and then spent many years fishing with my wife and our young children. I spent 23 years in the United States Navy and having been deployed on ships much of that time, it is those lazy days fishing with my wife and children that I feel bonded us as a family. Those memories prompted me to start this company and extend my love of fishing out to others. Now I look forward to fishing with my grandchildren and hope that they will pass the love of fishing and being outdoors with family and friends down through their generations. I learned to build custom, high quality fishing rods back in 1996 when I was living in South Texas. I have access to the best blanks and components available and I can customize a rod to your liking in a variety of ways using graphics, decorative thread wrapping, and feather accents just to name a few. I build a variety of rods including: Surf Rods, Light Saltwater and Bass Rods. I currently reside in Dubuque, Iowa and am now making Walleye, Striped Bass, Muskie, Crappie and Fly Rods. I hope to one day be able to offer classes to adults and local youth who have the interest in building their own rods.  



Don’t give up on your old or broken fishing rod! Most rods can be repaired or restored to where they can be used for many more years of good fishing.  The cost to repair a rod is usually minor compared to buying a new rod and repair is surprisingly affordable. I will use as many of the original components that you can bring me and will have your rod back in tip top shape.Bring me your broken rod for a free, no obligation estimate and let’s get that rod back to catching some fish again! 



I just wanted to say thank you for doing a great job on the rod. I’ve  had a couple of Montana fishing guru’s examine it and they were all taken back  by the workmanship that you did. I’m not sure if my mom told you or  not but she  was offered $900 in the airport by a guy and she didn’t sell!  But she was supposed to give him your info. Honestly I think I would have  sold it and then  asked you to do another one for that much money.  I haven’t casted it yet, but it feels great. My plan is to fish it on Friday. The Salmonfly hatch has hit the Lower Madison so I’ll be casting some big dries!  If you have seen these bugs it would get you fired up.
I’ll send you a picture of the first one I catch.
Jamie  Well as you can see the Rod worked Great, my first catch a nice Brown Trout!  Thanks again for the great job! Jamie   

Al, I have never had a fishing pole as beautiful as the one which you gave me to
commemorate my 35th anniversary of ordination.  Thank you!  However I
have a dilemma , do I actually fish with the pole or do I hang it on the wall as
a piece of art, which it is.  I think I will do both!  Catch walleyes
with it and then when I am not fishing, it will hang on the wall like a fine
painting.  Of course a fishing pole is better than a painting, you can’t
catch fish with a painting! Thank you again!
Grace and peace,
Bishop Gary 

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